Excellent news: My FWF project P-32554 “A reference model of explainable Artificial Intelligence for the Medical Domain” has been granted a total volume of EUR 392,773,50.  This project will provide important contributions to the international machine learning community in the following ways: 1) evidence in various methods of explainability, patterns of explainability, and explainability measurements. Based on empirical studies we will develop a library of explanatory patterns and a novel grammar how these can be combined. Finally, we will define criteria/benchmarks for explainability and provide answers to the question “What is a good explanation?”. 2) Principles to measure effectiveness of explainability and explainability guidelines and 3) Mapping human understanding with machine explanations and deploying an open explanatory framework along with a set of benchmarks and open data to stimulate and inspire further research among the international machine learning community. All outcomes of this project will be made openly available to the international research community.

More information will be provided here: